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53X - Adult show las vegas! Coed rev
53X - Adult show las vegas! Coed rev
53X - Adult show las vegas! Coed rev
53X - Adult show las vegas! Coed rev



What’s the music and vibe like?

Remember that whole “getting turned on” thing? We set the stage for full-sensory scintillation. The music is hot, the atmosphere is intoxicating, and the drinks are delish.


Is there touching?

No, our dancers will tease you and might dance up on you with your consent but no getting handsy with the performers.


Is the show topless?

Not in the traditional sense.


Will I see some ass?

Yes, plenty of it. Good ones too. The word “epic” comes to mind. 


Will I get turned on?

Mmmm, yes, that’s the plan.


Is seating guaranteed?

Seating guaranteed in the section purchased. Actual seats assigned upon arrival.  Doors at 8, don't be late!  


Can I come now??

Get your tickets baby, we can’t wait to see you. Performances are Wednesday-Sunday at 8:30 pm.

What is 53X?




This is from the Producers of Chippendales you say?

Yes indeed. Turns out their brand of unabashed sexiness is fun for everyone. Imagine the most uninhibited Girls Night out and then bringing along dates! 53X is all about showcasing talent, music and choreography with a sensual spin. Think “elegance with an edge” in the adult playground.


What’s the cast like?

If Beyoncé was a drag queen, she’d be Shangela and host of 53X. There’s also a diverse mix of four very cut, highly 

handsome men, and four fierce female dancers who slay and sway like you can only imagine.


Is this just for couples?

No, it’s truly for everyone. This show is like pre game for groups of guys and girls and foreplay for couples. It’s perfectly 

tantalizing and openly welcoming.


Is the show LGBT friendly?

Absa-fuckin-lutely! TBH we thought it was high-time to have a sexy show that’s not gender or orientation specific. This show is ideal for everyone!







lets talk about...

53X gets you turn’t up and turned on! Created by the producers of Chippendales, 53X boasts the same energetic sex appeal that made their male performers legendary but amps it to new heights with the addition of powerful and gorgeous female entertainers. Both 

the guys and the girls bring serious heat to the stage alongside their host, Shannel of RuPaul’s Drag Race, making 53X fiercely fun, funny, and cutting edge.

During the 75-minute production, the provocative dancers, four men and four women, tease, satisfy, please and play, through a dynamic  mix of musical numbers ranging from pop hits to world beats. As  opportunities for audience participation arise, the sensuously choreographed show surprises viewers with an unexpected mixture of spontaneity and humor. 

Finally, here is a show for everyone where feeling sexy and vibrant is not boxed in by a demographic, orientation, gender, or social strata. Audience members feel the high and pleasure of losing their inhibitions as these talented performers show them exactly what liberation looks, sounds and feels like.

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